Trent Mann

I was very apprehensive going into it, was worried about finding ‘the right tenant’. Trent took care of all the worry for me, from our first meeting to the final signing of the lease was a breeze. His attention to detail is second to none. If you are looking for someone to go that extra mile look no further than Trent Mann from sellbuyrent.
V. Hartwig

In August 2014 I purchased a property in Wodonga. This property was run down. Part way through renovations, I contacted a number of Rental Agents from different Real Estate Agencies. Trent stood out from the rest with his enthusiasm, and while he and the other Agents all valued the property the same, the others appeared negative to the valuation of my property. Trent’s attitude was full of confidence, with an open mind, and readily offered small suggestions to increase interest in my property. This was my initial reason for choosing Trent as my Property Manager. This decision was one of the best I have ever made.
J. Brumby

Trent Mann does a wonderful job as my property manager. I believe people are very quick to complain but never to compliment, hence this email. Trent has excellent communication skills and nothing is ever a problem for him. His can do attitude is definitely his best quality and I have full confidence that he will have it resolved any issue quickly. No task is too great for Trent he really does go above and beyond, and sometimes even steps out of the roll of property manager and into the role of builder, plumber, electrician or handyman to make sure that he has attempted to solve the problem himself to maximise my return before sending in the professionals. sellbuyrent is very fortunate to have Trent, I am very lucky to have him looking after my investment with such care and diligence.

I have been buying, selling and renting properties for 20 years. In those years I have dealt with many real estates, however Heidi and her team at Sell Buy Rent is absolutely the best agents out. Why you ask? They are professional, get the job done, awesome to deal with, listen to you, know the market, understand the process, and what can go wrong and how to make it right. Looks at all the attention to detail!!! Down to all the little things. Heidi is leading the way and is a great example of how all Real Estate agents should be doing business; Heidi and her team are an absolute pleasure to deal with.
D Ross


Kristy Blair

Kristy has excellent communication skills and nothing is ever a problem for her. She has had a tricky tenant to deal with at my unit and I have admired how tactful she has been with the tenant who has now stayed and not complained for a while. Kristy is in the process of tenanting my recently purchased property and has been ever so helpful in terms of making sure the property is well maintained and up to the standard she expects which are in parallel to my expectations. She has found the type of tenant I was looking for very quickly.
E. Webber

To my fellow landlords, Kristy Blair is the property manager you have been looking for. She has gone above and beyond to make sure my investment properties have been looked after in Albury. I have investment properties across three different states, and if I could, I’d have Kristy managing all of them. I trust her and I’m very grateful to her for her efforts as my investment property manager. Do yourself a favour and give her a chance to impress you too.
Joe – Canberra, ACT

We have all had different experience with a number of real estates but Kristy has provided me with the best experience yet, simply just from the beginning when giving me a call and letting me know that I would know the outcome of my application in a day or so. She has been easy to talk to and whenever a problem has arises she has contacted me immediately and has been resolved within the day.
I. Barbaro

I found Kristy really communicative and supportive. She answered all emails promptly and was lovely to deal with which made the process of renting in a new city extremely easy and hassle free. Very, very professional.
R. Claughton


Tayla McMahon

I have had a lot of dealings with real estate agents over the years – being one myself. Most agents are dreadful. I have been so excited to find sellbuyrent – what an amazing group of agents – from Margy in sales to Tayla in rentals, everyone has gone above and beyond to help us with our purchase of an investment property. Blown away by their professionalism and how attentive they were as well as get the results we were after. What an awesome crew!
Carolyn & Simon

I just want to give a huge shout out for Tayla McMahon. I have dealt with many agents over the years and never have I had such a diligent, professional and decent agent like Tayla. From finding a new tenant at a price that well exceeded our expectations, to managing a fairly significant issue arising in the block we purchased in, Tayla handled everything and everyone with dignity, professionalism, honesty, timeliness and all with a sense of humour. Tayla looks after our tenants as well as ourselves – a hard balance to get right. Her communication skills are excellent. I am so over the moon that we found Tayla and SellBuyRent. If I could snaffle her for my own agency I would!
C. Cruden

I've only known Tayla to be competent, friendly, reliable, honest and approachable. I cannot thank her enough for the peace of mind I have knowing that she is an advocate for both my tenant and myself.
E. Van Ash