Notice To Vacate

Per your Residential Tenancy Agreement, you are required to provide notice to the agency as below:

  • VIC fixed/periodical lease- 28 day's notice to vacate for the above property
  • NSW fixed term lease- 14 day's notice to conclude on the last day of our fixed term
  • NSW periodical lease- 21 day's notice to vacate for the above property

In the case of a Break Lease:

If you are breaking your fixed term lease prior to the fixed end date, you will be responsible for the following charges:

  • Payment of rent until a new tenancy agreement is signed and commences at the above mentioned property or my current tenancy agreement expires,
  • Pay sellbuyrent Real Estate a letting fee of 1 .5 weeks rent plus GST for the screening transfer of a suitable tenant {covering owner's re-letting cost),
  • Pay the costs of any advertising to promote the property for re-leasing.

*Please note: these conditions may differ for NSW tenancies, please refer to lease.

Please note, you are legally required to allow sellbuyrent and prospective tenants through the property for the purpose of re-letting.