Trent Mann

In August 2014 I purchased a property in Wodonga. This property was run down. Part way through renovations, I contacted a number of Rental Agents from different Real Estate Agencies. Trent stood out from the rest with his enthusiasm, and while he and the other Agents all valued the property the same, the others appeared negative to the valuation of my property. Trent’s attitude was full of confidence, with an open mind, and readily offered small suggestions to increase interest in my property. This was my initial reason for choosing Trent as my Property Manager. This decision was one of the best I have ever made.
J. Brumby

Trent Mann does a wonderful job as my property manager. I believe people are very quick to complain but never to compliment, hence this email. Trent has excellent communication skills and nothing is ever a problem for him. His can do attitude is definitely his best quality and I have full confidence that he will have it resolved any issue quickly. No task is too great for Trent he really does go above and beyond, and sometimes even steps out of the roll of property manager and into the role of builder, plumber, electrician or handyman to make sure that he has attempted to solve the problem himself to maximise my return before sending in the professionals. sellbuyrent is very fortunate to have Trent, I am very lucky to have him looking after my investment with such care and diligence.


Michael Tilders

Top Agents!! We have been very happy with Michael's service of our rental property since May 2018 and specifically sought his expertise in managing our property. Every staff member we have had contact with at sellbuyrent have been helpful and prompt in any inquiries we have had. We were pleasantly surprised when Michael secured a 12 month lease for our property shortly before Christmas. We would definitely recommend sellbuyrent to anyone.
S McGrath

Michael Tilders has been my Property Manager for the two rentals I have with sellbuyrent real estate. During this time I have found Michael to be very organised and respectful. If any problems arose (which there hasn't been many) it was dealt with in a polite and precise manner. If anyone is looking for a fantastic property manager, I would not hesitate to highly recommend Michael Tilders due to his excellent ability and great diligence in his position with sellbuyrent.
R Thomas


Tess Stow

Tess was an amazing property manager for my investment property in Wodonga up until I sold. Everything was taken care of and was an easy process for me. Can't thank her enough.
J. Holt