The great advantage of leasing with sellbuyrent…


Your Rental Agent is always your point of contact

From the day we start, we will be the one who assists, listens and guides you all day, every day.

Communication Commitment

We provide week by week open house enquiry, inspection feedback and assessments on the rental market. Your house will get leased if it is correctly positioned in the current market. How will you know this? FEEDBACK! How many inspections have you had? What are tenants saying about your property? Is the property on track to be leased and to whom? The answers are there when you ask the right questions. Listen to the answers and market your property accordingly.

Information, information and more information

The more information we derive about your investment property, the stronger we become to maintain your investment, year after year. At sellbuyrent we LOVE information and this is one of our key strengths.

After months of managing your investment, we will know as much, if not more than you do about your property and our property owners and tenants benefit from this. Our management is more than just rent collection and a file full of papers. We capture absolutely everything that is important about your investment and use our knowledge to ensure that year after year it is maintained and has the ability to hold its value.

Your Agent

We make a point of getting to know both our property owners and tenants, so we can understand what both parties really need in their real estate transaction. By listening, understanding and providing advice in a professional and helpful manner, we will work together as a team to manage your property without stress and complication.

Five reasons why you should choose a ‘Boutique Rental Agency’

  1. The Rental Agent is focused solely on the well-being of your property. Tenants are not pushed to lease a particular property so the Rental Agent gets paid. We take our screening process seriously, cautiously and in consultation and carefully in consultation with you, so the right tenants are offered your investment.
  2. 99.9% of prospective tenants shop by the same means, the internet. If you’re on our major websites, the size of the agency does not matter; it’s how your property is marketed that is of paramount importance.
  3. Are the property owner and tenant able to contact the Agent easily? Our Agency is ready to take enquiry all day, every day and we’re ready to book your tenancy inspections pronto. We have a state of the art booking system, like no other agency. Our inspection tasks are streamlined and our level of communication to prospective tenants is swift, clear and regular.
  4. Telephone reception, on hold, please wait your Agent is on another call, can I put you through to their voice mail and the list goes on. At sellbuyrent you call and we answer!
  5. You won’t get lost in the cracks. Our smaller agency is driven to service our property owners, tenants and maintenance contractors. We understand that every client expects 110% communication from their Agent. Our smaller profile means that we have more time to spend servicing our clients. Our rent rolls for each agent are kept low deliberately. We pride ourselves on being able to over service our landlords and tenants.

A Landlord's Perspective